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Local ECK Center

The Quad Cities Eckankar Center
523 - 16th Street, Moline, IL
(just across the Mississippi River from Davenport, Iowa)
(309) 430-5200 or (563) 549-3608

ECK Light and Sound Services
(ECK means "Holy Spirit")

Always the Second Sunday of the month from 10:30 am to 11:30 am

October ECK Light and Sound Service 
 "Past Lives, Present Opportunities"

"Sometimes there's a strong bond between people and their pets, or a bond with certain other people.
We wonder, Why such a strong bond? Often the answer lies in a past life.
If we had the ability through a dream experience, Soul Travel, or the intuitive powers of Soul to understand this connection between that other Soul and ourselves, it would clear up so many things.
It would let us treat other people with more love and kindness, because we have an insight into our relationship with them."

Harold Klemp, The Secret of Love, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14,  p. 199

 November ECK Light and Sound Service 
 "The Blessings of Gratitude"

"People are usually too busy counting the things they don't have. They notice how much more money their neighbor has,
how much further ahead in spiritual unfoldment someone else is, and so on.
But if we stop to count our blessings, to realize how much we do have and be grateful for it,
then the heart is kept open to love and all the gifts that love brings, including the possibility of healing"

Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing, p. 13


Community HU Chant
The first Sunday of the month at 11:00 am

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